xcPanel - A XtreamUI Addon Panel for Clients

xcPanel is a XtreamUI addon Panel for Clients. It is full compatible with XtreamUI. It does work with the XtreamUI Database, so all your current and new clients can use it.
The panel was developed with the idea to simplify the work of the admin and to give your customer more freedom. For you as a provider, it also brings you more security and prevention against copyright infringement cases (DCMA Reports).

The automated Test System

  • The administrator does not have to manually deploy the test accounts for interested parties
  • You can determine the test time to be distributed automatically (hourly, daily etc.)
  • Since the automated test system works by SMS verification, only real interested persons can get test accounts.
  • Prevention of Re-test (request for a second) Test Account with the same e-mail or same mobile number is not possible
    With this two option you prevent Fake User that just want get a Test Account to share it on public free IPTV Websites
    Please note, the most Absuse reasons are, to provide Fake User Test Accounts to unknown User without any verification.
    - The Abuse (copyright infringement) Companies scan the on Free IPTV Websites for Provider Domains and Accounts, once they catch it your Hosting Provider reiceive the Abuse and then they block your Server
  • The SMS System comes as a HTML (php) Widget, which can easily be integrated into your website
  • Test package users are prevented from using WebTV, thus preventing malicious test users It happens
  • Multi Language possibility, can be translate in any Language: Based on Language Files

The Order and Activation System

  • You can use each payment plattform as the payment will be checked manually by the admin
  • Once the customer has completed the order and payment, he simply need add the required information to the Activation Form through the form on the website.
  • Immediate mail notification to the admin about a incoming customer order activation
  • After admin approvement in the admin area, the customer access credentials will be sent immediate to the customer via SMS and mail with a with one simple clicking to the confirmation button.

Advantages for the Administrator

  • Doesn't need waste his time with incoming "Password Change" requests from client side.
  • Doesn't need waste his time with incoming "Edit Channel Bouquet" requests from client side.
    (For example, Add / Remove Adult Channel or or other Channel Bouquets)
  • Doesn't need waste his time with explaining clients how to use the serice and how to add the Account to their Devices
    Detailed / Editable Client Installations and HowTo use Guides for allmost all Plattforms like MAG Devices, SS IPTV, Smart TV's, IOS, Android, Windows, Xtream-Codes based STB's, Enigma 2 Devices and m3u Playlist
    - The required clients access credentials are already automatically provided as info
  • Doesn't need waste his time for add or edit clients MAG Devices (Client is able to add or edit his MAG Device)
  • Doesn't need wastle his time to provide the client start, remaining end end date to the clients (all those information are provided in xcPanel client area)
  • The administrator can add and publish some announcements and FAQ's from the admin area to the client area
  • The administrator doesn't need provide provide any privat contact details like WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype or any other Conact Detail, simply support your client through Support Ticket System.
  • Can request a Client Speed Test (Client can perform a speedtest in xcPanel and share the result)

Advantages for the Client

  • The Client can change his password at any time
  • Can allways add and edit MAG Devices
  • Edit Channel Bouquet (Add / Remove the desired packages like Adult Channels)
  • Can see the Account Informations (Start, Duration, End Date)
  • Has access to at allways to the Installations and HowTo use Guides
  • Can send allways support requests simply with the Support Ticket System
  • Can allways do a Internet Speed Test simply from the Client Area
  • Can watch its content anytime and anywhere via WebTV

Panel Screenhots:

1. With the Widget the Test Reequest Form can be simply implement to any Website


2. Since the automated test system works by SMS verification, only real interested persons can get test accounts


3. The Client receive the confirmation Code


4. Client has to verfiy his Mobile Number with entering the received confirmation code



5. Once the Mobile Number is verfied, the System will send the credentials for Test Acccount immediately via SMS and Mail




INFO: If a second test account request comes in from the same Phone Number or Mail will ve recognized and rejected by the system.


The xcPanel

1. Login Screen


2. The Dashboard provides General information like Support Ticket Notifications and Annoncements


3. My Account: Client can see his
- Account Informations,
- can add/adit a MAG Device MAC Adres,
- see the Poral URL for MAG Device
- change the Account Password


4. Content Editing: The Client can enable / disable the Bouquet content (Channel Packages) according to his own needs




5. Installation and HowTo use Guides for Clients for allmost all Devices (Editable by the Admin)




6. Speed Test: The Clients can perform an instant speed test of your current internet speed


7. WebTV: The WebTV is for securtiy reason forbidden for Test Accounts, only payed clients can use it.





8. The Support Center: Clients can sent directly to the Admin Support Requests.



YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtW1SDzuIb1eo5H22nwbC-A

Friday, December 20, 2019

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