02- Order System

Each company receives the customer's payment by different methods. In addition, since the system is not legal, automatic activation systems after payment poses a problem in terms of security. For this reason, xcPanel is based on the activation system, regardless of which payment method the seller works with.

After your customer makes the payment, he comes to your website and sends the e-mail address and phone number through the Activation form you added. When the activation request is received, you will receive a notification e-mail and log in to the xcPanel Order Management Page to view the customer's request.

To execute the Customer's Activation request, you select one of your packages that are automatically received from the Xtream UI and give the customer approval. When you approve, the package you define is automatically created to the customer, and the package information is sent to the customer via SMS and e-mail. With this information, they can log into xcPanel Customer Panel and do all the transactions.

In addition, the customer's e-mail address and telephone information are stored in the “Admin Notes” and “Reseller Notes” section of the Xtream UI.

In the order management system, when an existing member makes a package renewal or wants to extend the time, you can see if this member is a new member or an existing member in your order panel and the package you defined is added over that period if the customer has the current time.

A customer who sends payment activation will not be able to submit a new request until you approve the package.

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